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Our Internship Partners

ARTi/MRB/ISU BioBus Connection

ISU BioBus is proud to partner withARTi(Advanced Renewable Technology International)and MRB (Midwest Renewable Biofuels) to provide hands on real life industrial application of skills needed in the bioeconomy.

Both companies were either founded or helped started by the initial members of ISU BioBus and continue to draw in members of the organization. In 2010 members of ISU BioBus provided engineering and consulting about cooking oil collection and biodiesel production to MRB and it has continued into ARTi. Both companies today maintain a close relationship with ISU BioBus through alumni, employment, and work experience opportunities.

Internship Context

Both companies are located on the Wilson farm complex just outside of Des Moines, Iowa not 45 minutes from Ames and Iowa State providing a unique opportunity for ISU students. Through the work experience students gain hands on experience with a variety of tools and techniques ranging from metal working to welding. Other positives are that students become familiar and experienced with a variety of biofuel and bioenergy processes ranging from biodiesel to pyrolysis making them flexible in the workforce later. They also gain valuable experience trouble shooting in real life senarios where ideal conditions are not always present. Most importantly students are given a place to build and experiment with ideas of their own which provides the innovative drive needed in the private sector.

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