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Contact Information

General Contact Information

To receive general information about our organization or how to join please email us at If you would like to contact one of our officers with a specific question please see the information below. We will be more than happy to answer your question.

Join Us!

BioBus is an expanding group of people, and this list is far from complete! Listed below are some of the leadership positions we are looking for people to take up. ISU BioBus looks great on a resume and a fantastic way to meet friends! So what are you waiting for? Get greasy!

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Positions Needed

Outreach Coordinator - Manage outreach activities and work with other clubs and organizations to outreach about sustainability and renewable energy, come up with new outreach activities and teach members current activities

Our Officers

Rahul Seshappa- President of Business


Elmin Rahic- Vice President of Business


Carly Polson - President of Engineering



Benjamin Goedken - Vice President of Engineering


Rachel Khor- Treasurer


Siew-Yi Lam - Engineering Risk Management


Casey Nelson - Corporate Outreach Coordinator


Surya-Tej Akavaram - Social Chair


Wesley Graham - Chauffer 1


Thomas Krohn - Chauffer 2


Our Advisers

Dr. Thomas Brumm


BioBus is an expanding group of people, and this list is far from complete!

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